How to build a personal knowledge management system - Stationery Freaks Episode 10

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In Episode 10 Rob and Helen talk about how to build a personal knowledge management system using both digital and analogue methods.

Helen introduces her drawer full of randomness whilst Rob talks about how this drawer is actually some sort of system.

Rob then introduces how we use analogue and digital methods to create his PKMS as well as explaining how we offered the "Free Style Rap” over some loud drumming.

He then explains the two styles of learning using learning to play the drums as an example, hence the rapping.

Rob introduces the two styles of learning

  1. Information Acquisition
  2. Task Acquisition

Before going on to introduce the 4 steps to his PKMS

  1. Capture
  2. Curate
  3. Crunch
  4. Contribute

Rob explains how notes can be digital and analogue, how he uses Evernote as his digital storage system but a fab Ted Baker notebook as his real learning journal.

But none of this is important unless you put that information into action and learn from it.

Rob and Helen then close out by talking about Bullet Journaling, Washi Tape and UPPERCASE magazine.

Lots of deep learning and useful ideas in this episode - let us know if they resonate.

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