34. How we reply

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In today’s episode, we will be talking about how we write letters to our pen pals, and a quick postmark experiment update

Bokumondoh urushi/raden pen IG post

Inky Rocks Bokumondo Video

24-pound paper envelopes and applied the
B&W postmark to that set of envelopes.

Question from Brad of Mythic Pen Company and As the Pen Turns podcast:
Letter writing, how do we write to our pen pals. Any tips?

Standard things I do in a letter.

Date the first page, number pages ½ 2/2 etc

List the pen and ink at the bottom of the page

Eg Kaweco Brass Sport /Platinum Pigment Blue

I try to put the By Snail/Par Escargot stamp on most of my letters

Jeff Besos/Blue Origin Postcards to space (will get link later) https://www.clubforfuture.org/missions/


Not mentioned in the episode but very topical so I'll add it here:
Inky Rocks Letter Writing Video
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