The best free podcast hosting services

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The best free podcast hosting services

If you are a newbie to podcasting, start your podcasting journey in any of following services. – One podcast with Unlimited episodes free. You can enable monetisation and donations from listerners. Anyhow, monetisation is presently available only to US users. From the dashboard, you can submit your podcast to various directories. You can speak and upload audio files, right from your mobile.

Castbox – offers free podcast hosting, but no monetisation. But, you can add thirdparty monetisation. You can use mobile app for uploading.

Breaker – offers free podcast hosting. If you prefer monetisation, you can convert your podcast as premium one. You can use mobile app for uploading.

Redcircle – offers free multiple podcasting with unlimited episodes, with video file conversion, to upload in youtube itself. Monetisation available once your episode reaches 500 per week atleast. But, you can activate user support by donation. No mobile app. – offers free podcasting with no frills. No mobile app.

Other free options with bigger hosting sites

Podbean – Free podcast with totally 5 hours of audio. It means, you can upload your episodes till it reaches 5 hours. Once it reaches 5 hours, you should delete your old episodes. No monetisation for free plan.

Buzzsprout – Free podcast with 2 hours of audio per month. Anyhow, your episode will be automatically deleted after 90 days. No monetisation for free plan. – Free podcast with 20000 streams per month. No monetisation for free plan.

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