Amanda Cobbett: Realistic Embroidered Fungi and Lichen

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Textile Artist Amanda Cobbett shares her life in fabric and threads. Amanda creates realistic 3-dimensional, papier-mâché and machine-embroidered sculptures of fungi and lichen and other hidden treasures of the woodland floor.

From her studio in the Surrey Hills, Amanda is surrounded by inspiration for her work. Her pieces are so realistic that viewers of her art assume that they are real! A nice problem to have and the subject of endless questions at Amanda's successful exhibition at 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower show.

Susan Weeks chats with Amanda about:

  • The exhilaration of a successful exhibition at RHS CHelsea Flower Show
  • The challenge of people understanding what they are seeing
  • Can things be so lifelike the viewers don't know it's art?
  • Doing your own thing and pushing the boundaries, even at school
  • The joy when someone wants to buy your work
  • If everything is an experiment then it can't be a disaster!
  • Setting boundaries with our clients
  • Making difficult but wise business decisions
  • The creative freedom leveraged by having an admin assistant
  • Running a realistic business and not a hobby

And so much more!

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