Sally Stone: Textile Artist Yarnstorming York

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Textile artist Sally Stone shares her life in fabric & thread, and yarn. With her textile art, Sally works in both small and large scale. She creates colourful pieces of textile jewellery, finding a new lease of life and use for a selection of objects. And then of course there is her joy with Extreme Knitting!

Sally is also the enthusiastic creator of several Yarnstorming installations in her UK hometown of York. We have a good chat about her yarnstorming antics and if you are quick you still have chance to take part in her current yarnstorm with the theme of 'Tree Leaves'.

Susan Weeks chats with Sally about:

  • Community projects bringing colour to our lives
  • Organising yarnstorming in York
  • Top tips for yarnstorming & displaying your pieces outdoors
  • Contrasts in scale from Extreme Knitting to Jewellery
  • Extreme knitting inspirations
  • Re-using objects in textile art jewellery
  • Planning community art projects that are scale-able depending upon how many people participate
  • Is this our oldest UFO?????

And much more!

Episode Show Notes, Links & Examples of Sally's work at






Other links & people mentioned:

Rowntree Park, York

Pittenweem Arts Festival in Fife, Scotland

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