Sharing 2019 Stitchery Stories Global Listener Highlights

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This week we celebrate our stitching, embroidery, textile art highlights from 2019.

Susan Weeks, as the host of this popular textile art podcast, shares some lovely stories and highlights sent in by listeners from around the world.

We hear from some previous guests, from new listeners, from long-time listeners.

What fabulous and inspiring messages have been received - these will cheer you up.

And in this season of goodwill, Sue also appeals for a mentor for a young woman in Russia. Let's make 2020 a fabulous year for Daria! Who can help her dreams come true?

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Our contributors:

Saima Kaur

@sewsaima on Instagram

Jane Cook

'Stitch To Enrich'

Annie Taylor

@whitstabletail on Instagram


Tim Buchheim

@tim1724 on Instagram

Rosie Creyke

Linda Harvey

@lindaharvey1973 on instagram

Eva Kitok, Sweden

@kitokeva on Instagram

Liljevalchs Varsalong

Susan Pepper, Melbourne, Australia

Cas Holmes

Rosemary Cousins, East Yorkshire

Courtney Cox, Austin, Texas

@courtneycoxart on Instagram

Agatha Lee 'Agy' from Singapore

@agytextileartist on Instagram

Joanna Dermenjian from Ontario, Canada

Alex Law

@elara.embroidery on Instagram

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