750: Detective Philip Marlowe | Where there's a Will... & The Panama Hat

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Detective Philip Marlow | Where there's a Will... & The Panama Hat
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It’s a warm summer here in Australia. The wind blows with the sultry smoothness of a polished stone. I’m sitting here, relish the dark light, my light, the glow the screen. Staring into the orifice of creativity….my monitor. How I sit here, dedicated to bringing back the dead…the long gone…the tapes riddled with holes.
Riddled…yeah…riddled with skips…pops…heart beats almost a hundred years old...and they whisper, these holes – bottomless pits of endless noise – and they threaten John Doe’s luck us. Like me and you…threaten to put the voices of old away. Voices from the past, echo’s of stories that were once beloved, now…all but forgotten in the darkest, of buzzing…noisy…holes.
Folks put your ears on, as you would your hat in the hottest of days, and listen to voiceless echo's of the past, given a voice. In Philip Marlowe’s The Panama Hat, and Where there’s Will there’s a Way….
I hope you all love the episode mates! Enjoy!
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