Building a Healing and Life Changing Business

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“When it came to self-confidence, I realized that I was lacking in that area — when I interacted with the horses, I felt so empowered being with them… my vision was to invite other women to come and experience what I did.”

—Gabriella Vamvakidis.

When was the last time you felt truly peaceful, grounded, and connected to yourself? I bet you were offline.

As business owners, we rely on online spaces to support every aspect of our work. But spending so much time scrolling through feeds and updating our profiles means we often forget the therapeutic benefits outdoor spaces, animals, and nature provide. I’m joined on this episode by Copperwood Trail owner Gabriella Vamvakidis, who built her business to provide a safe space for people to reconnect with themselves by experiencing the healing power of horses.

Gabriella did not expect to fall in love with horses — let alone build a business around them with no model — but her journey as a business owner is full of relatable touchstones. When she moved with her family to a rural property in Stouffville, Ontario, she didn’t have any interest in her husband’s horses for two years. Until fate stepped in — the day she was left to care for the horses was the day everything changed.

The support, peace, and empowerment Gabriella felt from the animals inspired her to share that magical and therapeutic experience — specifically to inspire confidence in other women. From hosting women’s wellness retreats to expanding her program to family experiences and first responder therapy, Gabriella’s story shows that wellbeing and mindfulness are just as important as success. After you’ve listened to the episode, I hope that you’re inspired to step offline and go outside (at least for a little while)!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

>> How Gabriella created a business model (without using a model)!

>> Why Instagram has been Gabriella’s secret to success in reaching clients.

>> That you don’t need to post perfect photos online — consistency is key!

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Highlights:‌ ‌

01:20Welcome, Gabriella!

05:15Fear of not being in control.

07:26The day life changed.

10:01Education and interaction.

11:35Empowerment and confidence.

12:51Business start-up challenges.

14:30Connecting with clients online.

15:30Showing up consistently online.

17:34Navigating lockdown limitations.

19:25Helping and healing.

21:42Connect with Gabriella.

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