Indigenous Representation Within A Beauty Brand And The Journey To Highest-Standard Of Sustainability

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“Whatever we’re doing or making or creating, how will it affect the next generation?”

—Jenn Harper

Indigenous people make up 5% of the global population, yet protect 80% of the world’s ecosystems.

Jenn Harper created beauty brand Cheekbone Beauty because she was unable to see herself and the global Indigenous community represented across beauty marketing growing up.

Described as giving “Indigenous people a much-needed place to be seen,” her socially conscious brand focuses on educational marketing and (environmentally and community) sustainable systems to effect real change.

Jenn joins me on this episode of Strategize Your Business Online to showcase her beautiful philosophies and share her healing journey — from finding empowerment in reconnecting with her First Nations roots to creating a 6-figure beauty company (despite not coming from a beauty background)!

You started your business to make a difference, but what could you do differently in your business to effect change?

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • Why pushing yourself and your business to the limits by setting “impossible” goals (such as zero-waste packaging by 2023) leads to innovation!
  • How to build community by marketing with user-generated content on social media
  • The importance of researching and implementing sustainable systems

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Highlights:‌ ‌

02:01 Jenn’s journey

06:39 Pathway to healing

08:56 Community

10:01 Sustainability

11:36 Global Indigenous group

13:20 Zero waste goal

15:12 Carbon neutral

17:46 Educational marketing & sustainable systems

21:47 Cheekbone Beauty

26:30 Relationship to every living thing

30:00 Lessons & love

31:18 Pandemic & social movement

34:56 Clean beauty & Sephora

35:55 User-generated content

37:51 Multi-use product launch: Sustain Complexion Pencil

43:26 Connect with Jenn!

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