Social Media: Drive Your Future Customers To You

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“While there are so many more people online, it’s even more important that we are very strategic with who we are trying to reach and also we want to make sure that we have a clear message for those who want to follow us.”

— Dee Boswell-Buck

It’s your lucky day — enjoy a free sneak peek into my monthly masterclasses!

This week’s episode is a recording of a masterclass I held for a group of business owners looking to drive both traffic and conversions through their social media posts.

This was an interactive class with some great questions from our participants!

Social media can be noisy and it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to stand out. If you are a business owner ready for a strategic alternative that provides clear messaging for your prospects to take that next step off of social media, then this episode is for you.

That’s right — you’re going to learn how to stop the scroll.

Sprout Social has reported that 50% of consumers have increased their social media usage in the last six months.

That is a huge opportunity for savvy business owners who are willing to re-examine the way that they use social media — and use it to drive customers to your sales page and mailing list.

What if you could grow your list, book more leads, sell more products, and sell out events through your social media content?

​Imagine finally overcoming that feeling of frustration and overwhelm around social media marketing… and instead experiencing that amazing moment when your dream customer visits your website and books!

It's nice to be social, but nothing beats that feeling of watching social media connect you with more of the right prospects... which in turn leads to more revenue!

Press play to learn the top 4 reasons why people unfollow brands on social media and find out my feelings about boosting your posts on Facebook!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How to track and measure those clicks and engagement (analytics are fun!)
  • The different types of social CTAs that inspire the right moves from your audience
  • How tracking your website will help you to know if your social media is driving traffic — and whether you’re getting a good ROI on your current strategy

Highlights:‌ ‌

  • 01:51 Most used platforms
  • 03:16 My story
  • 04:13 Digital & consumer behavior statistics
  • 05:30 4 reasons people unfollow brands
  • 06:29 Be strategic when joining groups
  • 07:26 Clear social CTAs
  • 10:12 Boost your ROI
  • 13:07 Know your numbers
  • 16:17 All about
  • 20:05 Know your goals
  • 21:51 Watch your words
  • 25:56 Case study: real estate business
  • 28:12 Case study: hair products
  • 29:30 Linktree & Campsite
  • 32:37 Google My Business

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