Creator of Pidgin English Co., Social Media Specialist, & Co-owner of Humbeg Co | Olumide Yerokun

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He goes by The African King but most people know him as Olumide Yerokun. He is A Dad, Entrepreneur, Social Media Specialist, Creator of Pidgin English Co., Co-owner of Humbeg Co. Website: ► SUBSCRIBE NOW TO SITM: ________________________ Stuck in The Middle features Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Creatives of African descent. Hear stories, ideas, experiences, & advise on breaking barriers weekly. 🤝 Partner with us on Patreon 💦 New Merchandise 🔴 Subscribe 🔊 Listen on the go Spotify 💰 Invest with Robinhood Your free stock awaits you! ► WATCH MORE Most Popular Videos: Most Recent Videos: ► FOLLOW US Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Executive Producer: @uncleak_ Associate Producer: @iamRIFLEX Public Relations: @_bellejolie_ Social Media Rep: @sassyines Couch Talk Host: @iamcapo_ Artist Spotlight: @tutubaybee SitM Podcast was launched in February 2017.

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