Are You Singing the Truth? A Refreshingly Organic Approach to Interpreting Songs w/Enrique Toral

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Master voice teacher and operatic tenor, Enrique Toral, shares his refreshingly organic approach to interpreting a song and singing it with YOUR true voice.

Have you ever struggled to find your unique voice? Or, maybe you’ve worried that you don’t sound as good as your favorite singer or cast recording?

Enrique Toral, a performing artist who has won acclaim across the United States and Europe, pulls back the curtain on his own vocal pedagogy and how he works with singers to find their true voice by singing the truth of the song. He talks about the time he lost his voice because he was hearing someone else’s voice in his head. He also lets us into his own process of preparing music, with many of his rehearsal habits involving mind work and not vocal work.

I also picked his brain in particular about falsetto – especially, how men can access falsetto in a healthy way – as we start to see shows like Hadestown make more demand of this technique on actors.

If you’re looking for your true voice, the one that ONLY YOU can produce, then press play, and take a listen to this episode TODAY.



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