How Are You Preparing to Return to Theatre in 2021?

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For the past year, theatre artists’ livelihoods have been stripped away. We’ve been cut off from the work that feeds our soul, that we’ve been trained to do, and artists have had to find new ways of supporting themselves by building new businesses or getting other jobs.

As 2021 gets underway, we’re hoping we’ll be able to begin our work again this year. While we may not have a definitive return date, we are seeing theaters start to mount shows and performances again. Opportunities are starting to emerge, and we need to be ready if we want to book work again.

My question to you today is: How are you preparing to come back to theatre in 2021?

Have you been keeping your skills sharp this past year? Or have you taken a break from practicing and instead are using this opportunity to release some pressure and restore yourself? Or maybe you’ve been battling loneliness and depression and performing has moved way down your priority list and you haven’t looked at your book in a year.

However you’ve coped this past year is fine. It’s the way it has unfolded for you. There is NO judgement.

But, it’s time. It’s time to start preparing. All you have to do is begin.

Begin your daily practice again.

Begin being an artist again. Everyday. Take up your craft. Start nurturing it. Water it. Feed it. Allow it to start having a life again and having a hope again. It’s time to take up your daily practice again.



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