Episode 10. Create a Career that Makes You Come Alive w/Kathryn Lounsbery

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From being a self-described ‘cancer’ happy just doing her own thing to a piano-playing comedienne headlining at The Comedy Store, Kathryn walks us through how she created a career for herself where there was no established path to follow. In this interview, Kathryn reveals the quotes that changed her approach to creativity, how to craft a cabaret show that is completely unique to YOU, what she’s looking for from vocalists in auditions, and the overarching importance of authenticity in your performance.

Kathryn is incredibly insightful and generous and she dropped some amazing truth bombs during this interview that had me ready to get out my OWN notebook and do THE WORK.

If you’re not sure how to combine all your interests, skills, and talents into one beautiful, aligned career, then press play and take a listen to this episode!



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