What Makes a Great Audition Song? Here's MY LIST!

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Here are the 10 things I’m listening for when I’m looking for a great audition song.

As a musical theatre singer, you are constantly in the process of auditioning and putting yourself in front of creatives.

You’re looking at audition notices to find out what to bring for the music portion of the audition, and even though they may be pretty specific about what you should bring (e.g. 16 bars from musical theatre post 1960 or 80’s pop song not from a theatre show), you can still be left wondering what the best song choice from your book fits that description.

Enter, THE LIST. When I’m helping a singer pick out the best song for their audition, I have a list of things I’m listening for – 10 traits that I think make a great audition song, specifically a great song for the specific show their going out for.

The secret? It’s all about helping the creative them envision YOU in their show. Help them see that you can sing the score, play the character, and tell the story that they’re telling.

Ready to get the inside scoop on the THE LIST that will help the creative team envision YOU in their show. Press play, and let’s get into it.



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