SDS 587: Data Engineering for Data Scientists

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Mark Freeman, Senior Data Scientist at Humu, joins Jon Krohn to talk about all things data engineering and offers listeners some critical tips for their data science career journey – from what it takes to get promoted to his number one tip for getting hired at a fast-growing capital-backed startup. In this episode you will learn: • How Humu leverages data and machine learning to improve workplace behaviors [10:38] • What is data engineering? [14:21] • What it takes to get promoted into more senior data science roles [20:55] • The differences between junior, senior, and staff data scientists [30:21] • Mark’s top tools for data extraction, modeling, and pipeline engineering [37:08] • Mark’s number one tip for getting hired at a fast-growing venture capital-backed startup [53:10] • Why all data scientists should be interested in Web3 [1:11:53] Additional materials:

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