SDS 609: Data Mesh

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Jon Krohn speaks with Zhamak Dehghani, the empathetic technologist who coined the term “data mesh”. They explore what a data mesh is, and how its approach toward secure interconnectivity will help solve a roster of data-led business problems. This episode is brought to you by Zencastr (, the easiest way to make high-quality podcasts. Interested in sponsoring a SuperDataScience Podcast episode? Visit for sponsorship information. In this episode you will learn: • The importance of data meshes [3:29] • How standardizing database interfaces helps tech giants like Amazon [6:40] • Current challenges with data meshes [9:33] • How data meshes give users the freedom to work with data [17:09] • The missing piece of the puzzle for data meshes [22:11] • How data meshes connect with the metaverse and Web3 [33:18] • The times when data meshes aren’t fit for purpose [42:24] Additional materials:

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