Creating a Pizza Empire - Third Time is a Charm - Kerry Petersen

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Kerry and Sandy Petersen are the owners and founder of Northern Lights Pizza Company in Central iowa and the Kansas City area.
Kerry, Joe and Joel talk about the humble beginnings that often accompany the journey of an entrepreneur.
Our company story began in 1994 when we borrowed $3,000 and took over a failed pizza shop in Clive, Iowa. With that modest amount of money, we bought some flour, cheese, imported spices, and other high-quality ingredients and began selling our pizzas door to door. We continued to work hard and put all profits back into the business and expanded to six locations across the Des Moines metro area. By 2006, we opened the first of three locations in Kansas City. In 2015 we opened the first express convenience store location called NorthernLights Pizza DASH®. Today our company is continuing our fast-paced growth throughout Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

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