Scleroderma Miracle with Jane Grecsek

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Scleroderma is a potentially deadly disease with very few effective traditional treatments and no cure. The diagnosis is usually a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of patients. Jane developed Scleroderma after a very traumatic car accident. Her symptoms progressed until fibrosis had paralyzed her intestines and esophagus. There were only two choices left - let the doctors remove her intestines or take a medication from Italy - off label - that might help. Hear her choice and her incredible, miraculous story. Jane is a very successful commercial photographer and nationally recognized cause marketing expert. Her experience spans two decades and began in the publishing arena where she founded Princeton Scientific Publishers - a company which produced newsletters, journals and seminars on reducing and replacing animals in toxicity studies. This pioneering work led to major changes in the role and treatment of animals in testing today. Call in with your questions: 563-999-3539

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