Navigating Change And Thriving Through Effective Leadership

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Organizational leaders can be the driving force behind effective change. They can improve employee engagement and navigate a team through difficult change. However, with new working environments, leaders have to double down on building and maintaining relationships with their team members.

Peter Hess joins Jennifer on the Survive & Thrive podcast to discuss the importance of leadership on change and how leaders can be more effective.

Listen to Jennifer and Peter discuss effective leadership:

Peter’s introduction (1:04)

Jennifer introduces Peter and some of the projects they’ve worked on together. Peter details his experience and qualifications.

Leading through change (3:34)

Peter has noticed leadership has changed over the years. He believes leaders appreciate the role of people in helping achieve results as a team

Engaging leaders (8:12)

Peter shares what he’s seen from leaders that are truly engaged with a change and navigating their team through it.

The “future” of work (13:58)

With organizations struggling to adapt to unique challenges like hybrid work environments, Peter believes it’s even more important for leaders to build relationships with their teams. It can be as simple as making an effort to reach out and learning more about coworkers.

What a leader can do to thrive in change (26:44)

Peter gives several things leaders need to consider in order to not just survive, but thrive in change.

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