Nurturing Relationships To Build a Thriving Business With Lauren Francis

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Lauren Francis is the Founder, President, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, and Career Advisor for Mulberry Talent Partners, a recruiting and staffing company based in Portland, Oregon. Whether in a temporary staffing or long-term direct-hire placement situation, they partner with both the candidates and clients to identify the key attributes that lead to a successful match.

At the onset of her entrepreneurial exploration, Lauren founded Town and Country Resources, a staffing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area that focused on the services industry. She grew the company from a single-person operation to a company with more than 50 employees, four offices, and over $4 million in annual revenue before selling it and moving to the next phase of her journey.

In this episode:

Entering the world of entrepreneurship can be exciting if you dream about being your own boss and carving your own path. It’s also not an easy journey and often doesn’t have a straight and narrow path. Would you like to learn from someone who has been there and done that?

Lauren Francis started with herself and a vacuum cleaner and grew a simple side hustle into a booming business. Ultimately, the company grew to 55 employees with four offices, but she stopped enjoying what she was doing and sold it. Throughout that process, she learned that to build a thriving business, you need to connect with people and nurture great relationships. Lauren's desire to connect, help, and make a difference in the lives of her employees and customers has driven and shaped her entrepreneurial journey. The sale of her business pivoted her direction and eventually led her to start a professional services placement business that she loves and aligns with her values and principles. Lauren learned a lot about herself from her experiences and has many lessons to share. Most importantly, she says it’s never too late to get started.

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit joins Lauren Francis, the Founder, President, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, and Career Advisor for Mulberry Talent Partners, to talk about her entrepreneurial journey and how where she started didn’t predict where she ended up. Lauren explains what she learned about herself and growing a business, the challenges of running a thriving business, and the importance of aligning your brand with your purpose.

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