S2E3 Table Talk | Talent Awakening in Hospitality feat. Marta Rocha

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In this episode, Kylie speaks to Marta Rocha, founder of 300Hospitality. Marta comes from a family of hoteliers and found her passion for the industry from an early age. Marta shared her fierce battles and learning curves for hiring, grooming, and valuing talents in Hospitality. She speaks from the experience of being a manager and a devoted mama to her baby tigers in her team. Her stories about interns, colleagues, managers and the lessons she took away from each interaction from her past and present are compelling and inspiring. Marta's jovial and positive vibes translate in this conversation, her social media presence, and in her everyday life. She is truly infectious!
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Hospitality is powered by people, I like to call them the heartbeats of hospitality. As we adopt innovation and technology, most would agree that it would not be the same without the people driving the industry. However, we need to ensure that we value the existing talents and continuously groom new generations of talents. We need to uplift the value of working in Hospitality, we need to become better leaders and role models, we need to empower our talents so it will leave a lasting, positive ripple effect on the future of our industry.
Join us in our mission of regenerative hospitality.
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