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Playing Together - This episode we’ve got a Patreon patron chosen question from a fan looking for some great cooperative kids games for family game night. We’ve got a list of twenty one recommendations. After that we review Wonder Woman Challenge of the Amazons, a cooperative board game set in the DC Comics universe. We wrap up with a longer than usual Bellhop’s Tabletop segment where we talk about all of the games we got to play since the last show including a number we actually got to play together in person.

Episode 123, recorded February 24th, 2021. Join us Wednesdays at Nine PM Eastern at

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SUGGESTION BOX Send feedback to

Roguebook Review,

Comparison of Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion to Gloomhaven,

16 of the Best Engine Building Board Games, Century Spice Road, Valeria Card Kingdoms, Terra Mystica

ASK THE BELLHOP Our question tonight comes from Skeeter who asked: “Any recommendations for cooperative games for kids for family games night?”

2018 Article: What are some less well-known cooperative kids board games?

Our List: Outfoxed, Robot Turtles, Rory’s Story Cubes, Forbidden Island, The Game, The Mind, Castle Panic, Codenames Duet, Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins, Flash Point Fire Rescue, Ghost Fighin’ Treasure Hunters!, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, Stuffed Fables, Horrified, The Crew, Wonder Woman Challenge of the Amazons

Honourable Mentions: Mmm!, Mole Rats In Space, Hoot Owl Hoot!, Slide Quest, Quirky Circuits

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THE GAME ROOM: Wonder Woman Challenge of The Amazons Written Review: Unboxing Video: Buy Challenge of the Amazons:

THE BELLHOPS TABLETOP What we’ve been playing:

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins, Funfair, Unfair, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game, Reef, Letter Jam, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Space Base


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