S2E20: Digimon Cards, X-Men Mutant Insurrection, Necromolds, Dice Hospital, Holi and Hypertellurians all in Issue 52

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Issue 52 is hitting store shelves tomorrow with some free Digimon cards on the cover. In this episode we chat about: Digimon, Holi, Hypertellurians, Necromolds, X-Men: Mutant Insurrection and many more bits in the magazine

If you like what we do on the podcast, have any questions, or know and interesting guest we might like to have on the podcast, reach out to me at Christopher.eggett@warnersgroup.co.uk

In the podcast we talk about our upcoming Virtual Spring Showcase, you can find out more about that over here. If you want to get involved, just get in touch.

Our music is Cloud Meetings by Body In The Thames, which you can find here: https://bodyinthethames.bandcamp.com/album/cloud-meetings

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