Tailer Trash Fly Fishing - Episode 74 - All Hands On Deck

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Episode 74 is the first one of 2022 and we’re all happy to be back. Carl is busy sniffing resin, so he’s taking a break to recharge his battery. We talk Christmas gifts and holiday cheer to get the podcast started. Ben & Larry spent the better part of a week in East Tennessee and they share some of the highlights and lowlights. We got down to details reviewing the newest Fly Shop in the Holston Valley, The Fly Box. Jameison also made it up to God’s country to spend time with friends and family nearby Dollywood. We recap our awesome camping trip before the holidays started and talk plans for more in the near future. Skiff talk gets us caught up with the progress on Project 69er. Throughout the show, All Hands Vodka Sodas were enjoyed by the crew. Thanks to them for the refreshing and tasty cocktails!! The usual rabbit holes were explored to some degree as we wound our way through the show notes. Thanks to all who take the time to support us by buying Tailer Trash merchandise and Review us on Apple and Spotify.

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