26: Women, Money & Power with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

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Today, we sit down with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, and host of the Breaking Money Silence® Podcast.

Kathleen is a highly sought-after speaker for financial industry conferences and is the author of five books, her latest being Breaking Money Silence®: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly about Finances, and Live a Richer Life.

Listen in as Stephanie, Kevin, and Kathleen dive into the rather sticky topics related to women, money, and power, from dealing with unconscious bias in the workplace, to gathering the courage to ask for a raise, to considerations around money and power dynamics within couples.

Key Topics:

What does “women, money, and power” mean to Kathleen? (2:41)

Our thoughts on how women seek financial advice versus men. (4:47)

Cultural barriers to women's empowerment around their finances. (10:00)

The power of building a support system. (11:29)

Dealing with unconscious bias and gaining the courage - and skills - to ask for a raise. (13:29)

Psychologically, what gets in the way of women charging what we’re really worth? (17:18)

“I don’t want to ask for more because it’s greedy to do so.” (22:55)

Kathleen’s advice to spouses around power and money dynamics. (27:43)

Shared goals versus independent goals. (32:15)

Kathleen’s upcoming courses and programs. (33:45)

About Kathleen’s Creating Wealth From The Inside Out Workbook. (35:05)

Stephanie and Kevin’s closing thoughts. (38:00)

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