Who Hates Meetings? Turn your Meetings from Time Wasters to Productivity Makers

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Do you find meetings a waste of time and energy? Most business owners do too, because meetings are plagued with some of these chronic challenges:
They never start on time.
People don't come prepared.
You feel like the changes discussed in the meetings don't actually happen.
Participants are distracted and not paying attention.
The consultation rambles.
You never get through the agenda.
In this weeks video I share a lot of simple, easy to implement strategies to turn your meetings from time wasters to productivity makers. Take notes!
0:00 Introduction
0:15 Rev Up Your Business with Dan Holstein
1:24 Timed Agenda
3:07 Progress
3:38 RED Yellow Green
5:19 Challenges Offline
5:45 Mindset Check-in
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