Episode 20: How to Manage Your TA Team Efficiently

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In this episode Chris speaks with Alison Kaizer about managing a talent acquisition team efficiently. Alison is the Head of Talent for Lunchbox.io, which made her the perfect guest for today's show. They discuss topics such as building a talent team, tech stack for talent, and scalable processes in hiring.
Alison's Bio:
My name is Alison Kaizer, and I am proud to lead Talent at Lunchbox, one of the fastest growing foodtech start-ups in the industry. Lunchbox is focused on providing next-gen digital ordering that helps restaurants drive better guest engagement and stronger sales. The company was founded by immigrant restaurateurs with backgrounds in marketing, operations and technology. The teams are built around diverse backgrounds, and we’re keeping it that way. Before this, I led Talent Acquisition at Ritual.co as we expanded across the globe. Ritual is a tech company that makes a smartphone app which provides instant access to a complete assortment of everyday coffee and food items from local spots - at the push of a button. Ritual has grown to 50+ cities across North America, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia, and raised over $120 million in venture funding. I began my foray into Talent as an Engagement Manager at Boost Agents, a recruitment firm servicing the Digital, Marketing, Creative and Communications industries. I was recognized for my ability to develop strong, lasting candidate relationships and to "career matchmake," finding the right fit for both client and candidate, for companies from start-ups to major agencies.

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