Merry XMas... and the annual re-running of our XMas episode

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So, early on in the life of the podcast, I had this great idea. What if I did fictionalized radio serials of the adventures of some of the types of stories I would make up in my head... and I did. And the Jungle Crews Radio Plays were born. 8 episodes that are some of the proudest things I've done around the Jungle.

Every year I take a few moments and replay the 8th and final episode, our Xmas episode. Skipper Gary London and Skippy get into some incredible holiday hijinx, and I love this episode. Skippers Trevor and Joey helped me out with this, and I think it's truly a Xmas miracle every year when it returns.

So, enjoy, and let's burn the dumpster fire that was 2020 into the ground and head into 2021 with love, jokes about booze, and a sense of family with those around us we love and tell bad puns with.

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