Skippers and Mental Health: S08 E03

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Hey there, Adventurers! Welcome back!

So, 2020 was a challenging year, and it was particularly hard on Skippers. As performers and actors, we have a very different make up, and being away from our Jungle has caused a lot of mental health issues. This week we chat with Adrienne MacIain, the host of "That's Aloud", an excellent podcast on creating your own personal story, and getting your experiences out into the world. She is a fantastic author, and she has great experiences with mental health and the acting community. So we chat a bit about what you can do during the pandemic times to keep your boat afloat, mentally speaking. Her podcast is available everywhere fine podcasts can be consumed.

I also spend a little time discussing the changes upcoming to the WFJC in the next few years, and address the news that has hit everywhere this week.

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