Minnesota Bound Podcast – Bill's MNB Christmas Ideas

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Ho, Ho, Ho. I get to do my best impression and sort of play Santa today. We document all kinds of stories with all kinds of people all year long, and a few of those involve people making some pretty special outdoor gear. From beautiful art crafted of bits of torn and recycled paper to handmade paddle boards built from Minnesota wood to portable patio bonfires made of small, single, pine logs. Handmade downhill skis or art and wildlife mounts made from driftwood. Even jewelry from glass picked from our lakes. My best gift ideas for all price ranges, today…. It’s the art of our storytelling!

Sponsored by: North Dakota Tourism (https://www.legendarynd.com/,) Minnesota Historical Society (https://www.mnhs.org/sherlockmn,) Hewitt Docks, Lifts & Pontoon Legs (https://www.hewittrad.com/,) Kinetico (https://www.kineticoMN.com/,) Minnesota Propane Association “Clean American Energy” (https://propane.com/) Star Bank (https://www.starbank.net/) & Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (https://www.dnr.state.mn.us)

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