#46: A bold and science-backed approach to women’s health - Cheeky Bonsai CEO: Elise Orthwein

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We're exploring the world of a fast growing startup in the women's health tech space as I sit down with the co-founder and CEO of Cheeky Bonsai, Elise Orthwein.

Cheeky Bonsai is just over one year old but have quickly positioned themselves as a fast rising startup in the women's health space offering UTI products and period patches sold online and in-stores at Target across the U.S.

In addition, they provide educational content surrounding women's health through their blog "The Cheeky" and their IG and TikTok content.

In this episode we discuss: 👉 The stigmas surrounding women's health and why it's been "taboo" to talk about in a public setting in the past

👉 How Cheeky Bonsai's products are focused on helping women improve their health and be more aware of their bodies

👉 The importance of utilizing social media to create educational content in the women's health space

👉 Challenges of being a founder in the women's health tech space and where the industry is currently trending

👉 How Cheeky Bonsai empowers women and the company's plans for the future

Check out Cheeky Bonsai to learn more about the importance of an independent press to democracy and how to donate

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