Talking The PS #25 - PS+ Free Games, New Far Cry & Uncharted Ride!

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The PlayStation News arrives just in time for Christmas with December's PS+ games revealed, Far Cry 6 exploring new worlds and Uncharted set to arrive at Port Aventura!
00:00:28 - Welcome/Housekeeping
00:05:25 - What we're playing
00:10:43 - The News!
00:12:00 - December PlayStation Plus
00:21:28 - Far Cry Lost Between Worlds revealed
00:28:31 - Callisto Protocol Reviews
00:38:16 - Battlefront 2 PSP coming to PS Plus?
00:44:18 - Starship Troopers Extermination revealed
00:47:49 - Final AC Valhalla story arrives
00:53:12 - James Gunn confirmed DC games are canon
01:02:11 - Kratos is MCU canon?
01:04:07 - Uncharted Rollercoaster Revealed!
01:10:05 - Outro/Housekeeping
#PlayStation #FarCry6 #GameAwards
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