S3E7 - NFT's and eCommerce - David Yu from VeVe

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Are NFT's the future of selling online?

Digital collectables, virtual vaults and augmented reality - the future is here. Despite completely blowing up in the last 6-12 months, NFT's aren't actually a new thing. They've been around for years and David Yu founder of Veve has been around since the very beginning.

Emily & Waldo met David at an event earlier this year and got talking about NFT's and the future of NFT's in the eCommerce space, it was such an interesting discussion we knew we had to invite David on the podcast for a whole episode.

David launched the NFT app and platform VeVe in January of this year, and it has been reported that in the first 6 months, VeVe generated more than $40 million in revenue. Not only that but they've signed deals with Marvel, Disney, Warner Brothers and many more major names to bring limited-edition digital collectibles to their growing app. Not bad.

Being in lockdown, we had to record this episode via Zoom, so our usual audio and video quality is not there, but this conversation is absolutely worth listening to!

Find out More about VeVe below;



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