Katy Bogliatto - Experiences of caesura in Medically Assisted Reproduction.

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In preparation for the 52nd IPA Congress, we will present a number of episodes dedicated to the activities that will take place and its theme: THE INFANTILE: ITS MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS.

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In this episode Katy Bogliatto -child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and member of the Belgian Psychoanalytic Society- shares some thoughts from her practice as a psychoanalyst within a Medically Assisted Reproduction team.

Dr Katy Bogliatto is a child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, member of the Belgian Psychoanalytic Society. She’s General Secretary to the Board of her Society and was the past treasurer of the EPF Executive during Dr Jorge Canestri’s Presidency. She is European member of the Business and Finance Committee of IPA. She is member of the Editor’s Board of the Revue Belge de Psychanalyse (Belgian Psychoanalytic Revue). She teaches at the Free University of Brussels, third cycle, Certificate of infant-juvenile psychotherapy program and teaches at GECFAPPE (Groupe d’Étude en Clinique Familiale Psychanalytique de la Petite Enfance): parent-baby-psychotherapy training program. She works in private practice and is consultant in the medical assisted reproduction service at the Chirec Hospital, Brussels, Belgium.

Link to the paper https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oOPrIyT0G_uZnyCPWlozF-slttjLUZqh/view?usp=sharing

This episode is available also in French

Slit Disc (jue), Eastern Zhou period, 7th century B.C. The Art Institute of Chicago.

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