MegaFire - How Climate Change and Poor Decision Making is Burning the West

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We have mismanaged our forests over the last century—and we are now paying the costs. Climate change is making forests drier, beetles and other pests (driven by warming temperatures) are making kindling of vast stretches of woodland, and “booming development…[has] filled forests with human-produced sparks and heat,” and far too many houses. What is a megafire? How is climate change influencing wildfires throughout the Western United States of America? How are towns and communities pushing development into fire prone areas, thereby creating a deadly situation. Should American taxpayers bear the costs of poorly planned development or utilities that spark fires? Jim O’Donnell talks with Michael Kodas, Senior Editor at InsideClimate News, author of “Megafire” & “High Crimes” and former deputy director at the Center for Environmental Journalism This episode was recorded at the studios of Taos Sound and Media in Taos, New Mexico on May 7, 2020. Produced by Jim O'Donnell. Recorded and edited by Brett Tomadin of Taos Sound and Media ( Links in this episode: Please support this podcast with a small donation:

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