#11 - Canadian History of Psychedelics with Erika Dyck

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Today we are joined by historian, Canadian and all around wonderful human, Erika Dyck. Erica began her journey as a psychedelics historian in the early 2000s, was co-director of the History of Medicine program at the University of Alberta, has taught history courses for medical students and Art Majors, before returning to the Saskatchewan. Currently at the University of Saskatchewan Erika teaches courses in the history of medicine and madness. She joins us today to discuss how Canadians help shape the landscape of how psychedelic medicines are used today. As Always if you're a fan of the podcast, please like and subscribe on your platform of choice, share with friends and leave us a review on apple iTunes. It really does help.
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Books from the show:
Graphic Novel - Wonder drug: LSD in the land of living skies
Novel: The Acid Room - The psychedelic trials and tribulations of Hollywood Hospital
Spanish Novel: Mujeres y psicodélicos/ Women & Psychedelics: Uncovering Invisible Voices

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