Overcoming a Negative Body Image and a Difficult Childhood with Kate

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There is no more powerful influence in a child's life than that of her parents. But what if those parents are negative, critical, and broken people? How can we overcome the detrimental messages and negative body image that this can cause us to have, even into adulthood? That's our subject on today's episode of the Taste for Truth Podcast.

Things We Discussed on the Podcast
  • How the beliefs and messages we receive as children follow us into adulthood
  • The lasting effects of parents who have their own health and negative body image problems
  • How we have to change our mindset before our behaviors or habits will change
  • Pushing back against society's wrong notion that only skinny people are beautiful
  • The truth that there is "beauty at every weight"
  • Trusting that God can work all things together for good
Lies We Discussed on the Podcast
  1. It's inevitable that I'll break my boundaries.
  2. Why even try?
  3. You're just going to break your boundaries anyway.
Resources Mentioned on the Podcast
  • I Deserve a Donut App
  • Going Gray by Anne Kreamer (This is a secular book but it does have some helpful things on body image as it relates to aging in particular.)
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