Transition Eating: What It is and How to Stop with Linda

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Do you ever find yourself struggling with your eating boundaries when your normal routine is interrupted? Do you find it difficult to get back to "real life" after coming back from a vacation or a holiday? If so, you'll want to listen to today's episode of the Taste for Truth podcast. I get to talk with Linda, who is a school teacher, about the challenges she faces with her eating during those transitional times in her life.

Types of Transitions We Talk About on the Podcast

- when plans change suddenly

- from summer break to school or school to summer

- from vacation to real life or from real life to vacation

- from weight loss to maintenance.

We didn't talk about transitions from one task to another on this podcast, but I find that's another common time for us to break boundaries. For this type of transition, the first step is to be aware of it. It's often caused by procrastination. We don't want to switch to the next activity so we procrastinate. And we often eat to procrastinate! This type of transition eating could be solved by doing the procrastination questions in the I Deserve a Donut app or by asking two questions: 1) Why am I procrastinating, 2) What's the first step? Then focus on the first step.

Tips for Overcoming Transition Eating

1. Plan for Transition. 2. Renew more than usual. 3. Plan some things you like to do for the first 2-3 days of a transition to help ease yourself into it. 4. Remember how much you enjoy life with boundaries. 5. Practice gratitude and let go of entitlement. 6. Make time to think and prepare ahead of time (like putting notifications on your phone to remind you to think about it). 7. Let go of unrealistic expectations (for how perfect you should be by now, for regular life, etc.). 8. Focus on being nourished by God (rather than feeling like you need good food and fun vacations to get your nourishment needs met).

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