Tasting Terroir

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Can you taste the health of your food? We think so! How does the health of the soil affect the flavor of our food? How do the farmer's choices, the weather, and the soil microbiome shape the taste of our food? Who are the amazing people growing this better food? What is regenerative agriculture and how does it affect the flavor of food?These and many other questions we explore in our podcast, Tasting Terroir – a journey into the connection between healthy soil and the flavor of food. This podcast is brought to you by the Global Food & Farm Online Community. Join us to dive deeper into this topic and get expert advice from Jill on how to improve soil health and from Sara on how to communicate the benefits your better food provides -- https://GlobalFoodAndFarm.com ------- Hosts: Regenerative Agriculture policy expert Sara (Hessenflow) Harper & plant physiologist and soil health scientist, Dr. Jill Clapperton********Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform: https://tastingterroir.buzzsprout.com/share — Or — Listen here: https://tastingterroir.buzzsprout.com Become a supporter! https://www.patreon.com/tastingterroir

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