TCBCast 218: The Sweet Inspirations

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Recorded well before both Trailer 2 and the world premiere of Baz Luhrmann's Elvis at Cannes, Gurdip and Justin get caught up pre-premiere news and answered a patron's nostalgic email regarding the 20th anniversary of the A Little Less Conversation remix, then get down to business reviewing The Sweet Inspirations' self-titled 1967 album, which gave them their biggest hit single, "Sweet Inspiration."

Featuring a range of material from across the soul, R&B and even country genres, all with the signature sound of American Sounds' Memphis Boys just as we're familiar with on Elvis's 1969 material,"The Sweet Inspirations" in an insight into what appealed to Elvis most about them when he brought them on for his live shows in 1969. The guys also very briefly touch on how the group came to be, a handful of the most notable recordings they were featured on both before and after their time with Elvis.

For Song of the Week, Justin knocks another 50s song off the dwindling list of remaining recordings from that era, picking "How Do You Think I Feel" from Elvis's second album, while Gurdip makes up for being unable to chime in on the calypso-influenced "Ito Eats" from Blue Hawaii on the last regular episode.

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