TCBCast 225: Patreon Reactions to "Elvis" + The Man Who Was Elvis (feat. Austin Butler News)

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On this super special episode of TCBCast, many of our Patreon backers who have had the chance to see Baz Luhrmann's Elvis sent in their reactions to the movie, both emailed and recorded. You'll get to hear a wide range of thoughtful opinions on the movie from the Elvis fans who are among our most engaged listeners and supporters.

Then, as a book-end to TCBCast 222 with Bill Bryan, Justin sits down with Anna, the woman responsible for Austin Butler News, the longest-running, #1 source on all things Austin Butler since 2013. Together, they discuss Austin's brief career leading up to his shouldering the weight of expectation by taking the role of Elvis Presley. We also get a glimpse inside of what a casual Elvis fan whose world does not constantly revolve around debates over things that happened 70 years ago thinks - not just about the movie, but about Elvis as a cultural figure, his music, the similarities and differences between fandoms of Elvis's day and today, and how Austin's performance may impact fans for years to come.

If you enjoy TCBCast, please consider supporting us with a donation at Your support allows us to continue to provide thoughtful, provocative, challenging and well-researched perspectives on Elvis's career, his peers and influences, and his cultural impact and legacy.

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