TCBCast 233: Pot Luck & The Pot Luck Sessions, Part 2 (feat. Darin Evans)

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Picking right back up where they left off, Justin, Gurdip and Darin continue examining the material recorded in March 1962, now beginning to fully take shape as the album that would come to be known as "Pot Luck." There's still a lot of Latin-flavored pop mixed in with country ballads, but things get really heated (and fun!) when Darin and Gurdip go head to head over "Suspicion" and the differences between Elvis's recording and Terry Stafford's hit cover.

Then, for Song of the Week, Darin brings attention to the underrated "Please Don't Stop Loving Me" from the movie Frankie and Johnny, and its source, an Italian pop ballad known as "Non ho l'età (per amarti)." Gurdip, meanwhile, picks "Danny," the alternative title song for "King Creole" that wasn't released until 1978's "A Legendary Performer Volume 3."

Lastly, Darin picks a song for Justin, "I Want To Be Free," famously from 1957's Jailhouse Rock. Upon revisiting the outtakes, Justin uncovers a possible previously-unnoted influence on Mike Stoller's piano-playing on the more polished version released on the original Jailhouse Rock EP.

All this and more on this second part covering the Pot Luck sessions and album! Thanks so much Darin for coming on!!

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