TCBCast 235: "I Don't Sound Like Nobody" Elvis's Vocal Evolution (1963-1977) feat. Bec Wyles

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Justin and Bec follow up an episode from last November, loosely tracing Elvis's progression as a vocalist through his more mature years as he slowly (but surely!) leans less on imitating others and begins to find his own true voice. It's an incredibly meaty topic and goes everywhere from the differences between in-studio recordings of the 60s and live recordings of the 70s to considering why ETAs more commonly mimic the Elvis of 1975-1977.

For Song of the Week, Bec

ec steals an early 60s cut out from underneath Gurdip, picking "It Feels So Right," the last song recorded at Elvis's first session back from the Army, and later retrofitted into the film "Tickle Me." Then, Justin kicks off "Justin Attempts to Explain Bad Movie Songs Month" with 1965's "Do the Clam," with the demo that resurfaced in 2018 perhaps providing the most insight into what Elvis might have heard worth exploring in what's become an infamous track among fans and detractors alike.

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