TCBCast 245: Elvis Death Conspiracies + Billboard R&B Dec. 26, 1953

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A note from Justin & Gurdip:

"This episode takes some pretty sharp turns. We hope that after you hear us 'give it the old college try,' you all will appreciate and understand the approach that we eventually landed on for the Patreon-picked main topic on the abundance of conspiracy theories that loomed over pop culture after Elvis's death in 1977, and our pivot to discussing some great music from 1953 before bringing it full circle in a very unexpected way."

For Song of the Week, Gurdip is given "Ain't That Loving You Baby," the Clyde Otis-Ivory Joe Hunter cut recorded in 1958 but held unreleased until the mid-1960s. Then, Justin brings it home with "Bridge Over Troubled Water," the Paul Simon-penned classic that clearly meant a lot to Elvis from the time he recorded it in 1970 all the way to what may very well have been Elvis's last great performance in 1977.

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