TTT Episode 132: Not Pretty, But Pretty Useful

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Hey in this episode Pete (@mr_van_w) and Shawtima (@shawtimasmiles) talk about:

Thinking Routines (Headlines) and how they've adapted them to suit what they want to do in the classroom.

We talk ever so briefly about the authoritarian rise of the Flipped Teacher in an article from Times Higher Education.

We talk in more depth about the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning that is going on at Pete’s school - The Central West Leadership Academy. This is from the book Dive into Deep Learning: Tools for Engagement (non-affiliate link - as if they’d pay us).

Then Shawtima gets real misogynistic, and focuses on the work of a dude while talking about a book written primarily by a female educator (Lynn D Sharratt) and other work by Michael Fullan. To be fair, Pete was mostly distracted by what he thought was Shawtima’s insane Trad ramblings of rankings but then it all came good.

Also, join Pete on Pokemon GO! His trainer number is 1783 2412 6146. For real, do it. He plays and sends gifts daily.

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Stay Shiny Pony Boy!

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