How Fiserv's partnership is helping Save scale cards that combine savings with investing

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The following was produced by Tearsheet Studios. We worked with Fiserv, a financial services technology company, to create a four part podcast series on the role and changing nature of data aggregation in the financial industry. You can read and listen to the first episode on the Tearsheet website. In this episode, we spoke with Paul Diegelman, VP of Fiserv side by side with the president and COO of Save. The companies are working closely together to power a new type of savings account that combines savings with investment technology to give higher FDIC-insured returns. There’s a sea of sameness when it comes to banking apps. And with really low interest rates, there’s little to differentiate between all the plain-vanilla offerings. Save is different -- it uses a creative combination between savings accounts and investment technology to give its customers higher returns on their savings and rewards on their cards. I spoke with Adam Watts, the president and COO of Save.

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