Parenting Tips 17: What to do when your teenager seems to prefer one parent over the other, and how do we respond when teenagers want to ‘express’ themselves? Blue hair? Tattoos anyone?

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Do you have a teen at home who's all sweet and loving with one parent, but treats the other like they're a bad smell? Karen says she feels like running away because she's walking on eggshells in her own house, with a daughter who is rude to her but sweet and kind to her husband.
Why do they do it and how can we, as both a parent and partner, make things better for everyone?
Also, it's been around since the Ancients: Personal expression using hair dyes, make-up, nail varnish, piercing and tattoos is something teenagers gravitate towards, and some parents struggle with.
How should we respond to any requests or demands, and what restrictions should we be putting in place?

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Teenage Expression:

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