Parenting Tips 18: What to do about a lying teenager, and teens who complain that they've got it harder than their siblings.

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Have you ever caught your teenager lying to you? Let's face it, lying is part of everyday life. In fact an entire film was made on the premise of a lawyer incapable of telling a lie for 24 hours. The result is comedy, but we all know that it can be serious.
Our challenge is teaching kids to be truthful to us when it matters, and to be able to tell the difference between the sorts of lies that oil relationships in a healthy way and the ones that will ultimately end up destroying trust.
We discuss the types of lying, the reasons why our teenagers are doing it, and how to tackle the situation when they're caught out.
Also, have you been keeping track of the age at which you give each of your teens specific freedoms? When could they get their ears pierced, when did they get their devices, and when were they allowed out to parties? Have you kept careful notes, or did you just wing it? It can cause real friction between siblings so we share our own stories.


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