Episode 148: Howard Behar

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Howard Behar is the former President of Starbucks. During his 20+ years with the company as a senior executive and board member, Howard helped grow Starbucks from 28 stores to over 15,000! AND he had a long, successful career with one of the top companies in the world…without a college degree.

Howard tells Kevin and Steph exactly how he takes his coffee, where the Starbucks size names come from, how the Frappuccino gained worldwide fame, and much more!

Howard also talks about how he managed to be successful despite never completing a college degree. His recommendation? Go to school to learn how to learn. And, just wait until you hear where Howard Behar used to live, and why his lobby was always full of tourists.

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Guest Contact Information:
Website: howardbehar.com
LinkedIn: Howard Behar
Phone number: 206-972-7776
Email address: hb@howardbehar.com

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